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Bans on Bottled Water In 2013, The University of Vermont issued a bottle water ban on its campus. The intent was good – the university wanted to reduce plastic bottle waste. Unfortunately, the result was not what anyone expected. According to NPR, the number of single-use bottles being shipped to campus went up by 6% […]

Sustainable Water Drinking

improve heart health by drinking more water
It’s no secret that water is our most important nutrient. Without enough of it, we experience headaches, back and neck pain, increased risk of kidney stones, energy loss and fatigue, and a slow-down in metabolism that leads to weight gain. Believe it or not, Americans do drink about eight servings of hydrating beverages per day. […]

Benefits of Drinking Water

• Types of Water  • Water Facts  • F.A.Q.’s • Order Now • 30 Day Free Trial Distilled Water vs Spring Water Distillata Distilled Water has meant purity for well over one-hundred years. The distillation process removes all minerals and impurities, leaving only less than one part per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids and meeting all chemical requirements of […]

Types of Drinking Water

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  • Types of Water • Water Facts • F.A.Q.’s • Order Now • 30 Day Free Trial 75% of Americans are dehydrated 37% of Americans mistake thirst for hunger Even mild dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3% Studies show that one glass of water shuts down midnight hunger pangs in close to 100% […]

Distilled Water Facts

• Types of Water • Water Facts • F.A.Q.’s • Order Now • 30 Day Free Trial Do you repair water fountains? We have an on staff drinking water fountain expert who can diagnose, inspect, clean and repair any water fountain.  Click here to find out more Do you offer BPA free water bottles? Yes, we […]

Water F.A.Q.’s

Under sink water filtration unit
View available units •  Request Service  •  Free on Site Consultation!  •  Free Filter Replacements for Life • Contact Us to Order Now   1). What is a water filtration unit? A water filtration system removes any foul tastes and odor, color, iron and chlorine from your tap water. A water filtration system does not require water delivery each […]

Water Filtration Unit F.A.Q.

• General Information • Free Initial Cleaning and Inspection• Drinking Fountain F.A.Q • Request Service   1) My drinking fountain is leaking, what should I do? First, find the source of the leak. If water dribbles out the spout after you stop pushing the button or bar there is a problem with your valve.  Other common […]

Drinking Water Fountains Maintenance FAQ’s

Bottled water cooler
Periodic Water Cooler Cleaning Is Recommended And It Is So Easy! Unplug the water cooler before cleaning. Check to see if your water cooler is equipped with a water guard. This is the device that punctures the caps on the bottles to allow the water to be dispensed. If you do have a waterguard you […]

How-To Guide: Water Dispenser Cleaning

Simple homemade vanilla tea
Keurig is a great brand to have for your office coffee machine. We offer a wide variety of coffee pods, so if you are looking for a cheap k cup distributor, Distillata is your company!   Why am I getting coffee grounds from the coffee pod in my cup? The coffee grounds have built up […]

Coffee F.A.Q.