The Best Ice Cube Recipes Ever!

We are always looking for ways to drink more water; have a bottle with you at all times, track your progress, try infused water, and the list goes on. However, this has got to be the granddaddy of them all- use flavored ice cubes! Flavored ice cubes not only add some zip to your ordinary water but, they make it look darn pretty.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs added to your ice cubes, and subsequently, your water will enhance the vitamin and mineral content further adding to the health benefits.

Flavored ice cubes should be made with distilled water to assure the highest quality outcome. Distilled water lacks minerals that when exposed to extreme temperatures may separate from the liquid. Also, the composition of distilled water allows it to draw out the flavors of any added ingredients.

  1. Watermelon Coconut

watermelon coconut ice cube recipe

2) Lemon Ice Cubes

lemon ice cubes

3) Blueberry and Blackberry Ice Cubes

Blueberry and Blackberry Ice Cubes

4) Spiralized Cucumber Ice Cubes

spiralized cucumber ice cubes

5) Edible Flower Ice Cubesedible floral ice cubes

6) Jello Ice Cubesjello ice cubes

7) Strawberry Lemon Ice Cubes

strawberry lemon ice cubes

8) Champagne Ice Cubeschampagne ice cubes

Flavored ice cubes are a great way to use up kitchen scraps and can be used in other beverages such as smoothies and teas. My favorite? Blueberry cubes in iced green tea!

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