Water Cooler Delivery for Offices and Businesses

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Provide your employees, clients, and visitors with refreshing, high-quality water with one of Distillata’s bottled water coolers for the office. Find the water dispenser that best meets your company’s needs and set up service today!

Step 1: Choose the Water Cooler Style for Your Business

Our 5-gallon water dispensers are available in three colors- stainless steelwhite or black. We are also happy to offer bottom loading options.

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Step 2: Choose Your Water Type

We offer several different bottled water options to fill your cooler for your office or business. Simply choose the type that tastes best to you! Click here to read more about our varieties of water.

Step 3: Choose the Delivery Method for Your Business

Our bottled water coolers for the office are available for rent or purchase.

Rent: Water cooler rental ranges from $8 to 15 dollars a month (depending on your chosen style). We recommend this option for office spaces as maintenance and service are included in this monthly fee. This also gives you the opportunity to request an upgrade at any time.

Buy: You can purchase a bottled water cooler for your office for as little as $179. This is an excellent option if you’re looking to avoid the monthly fee.

Step 4: Choose a Delivery Schedule that Works for Your Business

You can request water delivery service on a set schedule or an as-needed basis. We’re happy to accommodate whatever plan best meets your needs!

It’s that easy! Click here to order five-gallon bottled water cooler for your office.


Note: We proudly serve the Northeast Ohio region. Please click on the link above to see if your office is currently located in our delivery area.