Office Ice Machines

Crystal clear ice at the push of a button! Enjoy the convenient ability of perfect ice, every time right at your fingertips with our ice and water dispensers.


ice maker and water dispenser

Benefits of an Office Ice Machine

  • Our sleek and compact ice machines do not require a drain
  • Installation is a breeze placed near the closest water line
  • The innovative dispenser provides a sanitary, hands-free supply
  • Counter top and freestanding models are available
  • You won’t run out. Our ice machines provide up to 160 servings capable of providing plenty of ice for an office of over 50
  • Perfect for break rooms and lobbies
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available for rental or purchase

Your employees, clients, and visitors will be thrilled with the thirst quenching availability of an ice maker and filtered water…a match made in heaven!

To request a quote for an ice machine and water filter, please fill out the form below and a representative will get back to you promptly. Also, please feel free to contact our sales manager, Adam Schroeder at (216)771-2900 ext. 205 or email [email protected]

*We gladly service the Northeast Ohio area.*


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