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Pour over brewer for office coffee

We are thrilled to offer the latest in office coffee service!

Introducing the Curtis Alpha 2GT

Key Features:

  • G3 ADS™ Digital Control Module (G3/ADS™) –Encapsulated in high-tech polymer. Impervious to heat, steam and moisture. Provides precise control over all critical functions.
  • Factory Set – For out-of-the-box operation.
  • Curtis’ Exclusive G3 3-Year Warranty – Provides 3 full years   of protection on the digital control components.
  • Intuitive Scroll-Through Precision Programming –Large, brightly lighted display communicates functions at a glance. Easily adjust time, volume, temperature, brew functions and more.
  • Tamper Resistant – Changeable access code prevents unauthorized adjustment.
  • Easy-to-Operate – Simple graphic design with color-coded buttons for all operating functions.
  • Saves Operating Costs – Energy save mode automatically reduces energy consumption when brewer is idle.
  • On-Board Self Diagnostics – G3 continually senses proper brewing operation. A Service Phone Number and error code will be displayed in the rare event technical assistance is required… reducing downtime
  • Programmable Display Banner – Can be set to display your operation’s name and message.
  • Integral Quality Timer & Automatic Warmer Shut-Off –Keeps coffee quality at its peak.
  • Built-In Fine Tuning Brewing Modes – Pre-infusion or pulse brew enhances extraction of gourmet coffeeflavor. Cold water brew lock-out prevents brewing when water temperature is below set level.
  • Standard 120VAC Operation – Makes installation quick and simple.
  • Options – 2-1/2” adjustable



 Brew Capacity: 64 oz 
 Burst Capacity: 4 gal/hr 
 Electrical: 120V 
 Dimensions (17.63” H x 9.13” W x 23.40” D 

Alpha 2GT Pricing

 Type of PackageDelivery?RateService Rate
Brewer RentalNo Coffee Delivery$40.00 per moFree
Brewer Rental #2Monthly Coffee DeliveryFREEFREE
Brewer PurchaseNo Coffee Delivery$810.60$40 per call
Brewer Purchase #2Monthly Coffee Delivery$710.60$40 per call

Our lead office coffee expert is Adam Schroeder, please feel free to contact him via email- [email protected], call him directly at (800)999-2906 ext 224 or fill out the request form below:

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