Rock Salt Delivery for Businesses

order road salt delivery to stay safe this winter
Distillata offers rock salt delivery to businesses across Northeast Ohio.

Why is Rock Salt used on Sidewalks, Roads & Parking Lots?

Ice on roads, sidewalks and parking lots can cause a variety of problems, from slips and falls to major car accidents. To prevent damage or injury it is important to de-ice the surfaces around your business.

The rock salt use on roads is essentially the same as salt that is used at your dinner table. The major difference is the size of the salt crystals. Table salt is much finer than salt used on roads, sidewalks and parking lots.

How does rock salt work?

Salting roads, sidewalks and parking lots works by changing the freezing point of water. Water with a higher salt content has a lower freezing point than unsalted water. When salt combines with ice, and it melts and creates a brine. This brine is what separates ice from the pavement. Rock Salt also helps to provide traction.

How to use rock salt?

  1. Try to remove as much snow and ice as possible. Adding the salt directly to ice allows you to use less salt
  2. Use a salt spreader to assure an even, thin layer. You can spread the rock salt by hand but be sure to use a cup and wear a glove to protect your skin.

How much salt do I need?

We recommend using 4 pounds of salt for every 100 square feet. For an 800 square foot parking lot you will need 32 pounds of salt. This is roughly one bag (most bags are 40 pounds).

Where do I store rock salt?

  • Keep Rock Salt in sealed containers
  • Keep rock salt somewhere dry, preferably off the floor

If you are unable to find a suitable place to store your extra rock salt, you can have it delivered on a regular schedule.

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We will gladly deliver ice melting safety salt to both residential and commercial settings- bulk rock salt orders are accepted. To buy rock salt today, call us at 800.999.2906 or order online below!

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