Living in the CLE

Being new to a city can be difficult. One thing all new Clevelanders must learn is how to survive the winters. Read advice and learn about the best places to explore from the locals here at Distillata. Discover the Cleveland life right here by reading Distillata’s blog.

It was the winter of 2011 in Flagstaff, Arizona. Lauren Weinberg had left her mothers house four hours before she found herself trapped in a snowdrift while driving her small sedan. She had no coat or water, and her cellphone battery was dead. Lauren shivered violently in her car as an additional two feet of […]

Winter Safety: Car Survival Kit

Workplace wellness plans are growing in popularity and for good reason. Aiding your employees in their endeavor to become healthier is a clear win/ win. Offering a workplace wellness program comes with many benefits for both you and your team including: Happier and healthier employees. An edge over the competition. Reduced healthcare costs. But, perhaps […]

Tips for an Effective Workplace Wellness Program

Simple homemade vanilla tea
There is nothing better than fall in Cleveland; I am in awe of our stunning landscape on a daily basis. The leaves are art, the golden hue cast on our waters is heavenly and the sight of geese in flight takes my breath away. Add in three hometown sports teams playing at once, pumpkin farms […]

Simple Homemade Vanilla Tea