bottled water
Bottled water has taken the place of soda as the #1 packaged beverage choice in America, for the first time according to the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC)! Sales for this option increased nearly 10% last year leaving soda in its proverbial dust. Apparently, we are living amongst a new, health-conscious consumer who worries about obesity, diabetes, […]

Sorry Soda, Water is #1

  Refilling a high-quality stainless steel bottle from your water cooler or filter is always our recommended choice for sustainable water consumption. However, we fully understand that there are times that this simply is not feasible and you must turn to single-serve plastic water bottles as the only healthy alternative to satisfy your thirst. Handled mindfully, […]

How to Recycle Plastic Water Bottles

We hear it all the time, buy local, support family-owned businesses, shop small…but why? It seems logical, and I am guessing that it does some good. I know it feels incredible, but what about buying from small businesses in our hometown is just so great? Plenty. It strengthens the economy of your community. By that, […]

Why Buy Local?