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Located between Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland and Pittsburgh, Trumbull County sits on the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line. It is the only square county in the state of Ohio with a total area of 625 square miles. Known for both urban and rural communities, Trumball County has a lot to offer their residents. With over 25 golf courses, the Trumbull MetroParks, unique small town dining and shopping, historical mansions and Amish country there is something for every interest.

Trumbull County is filled with quiet and bustling neighborhoods such as Warren, Girard, Cortland, Hubbard, Newton Falls, North Bloomfield, Vienna and West Farmington.


Home Water Delivery

Trumbull County is home to over 86,000 households. Having a safe source of drinking water in your home is important and Distillata has been the trusted source of drinking water in Trumbull County for over 100 years. We offer numerous drinking water solutions to fit each and every household.

Are you looking for a solution that is convenient for a busy lifestyle? Our bottled water delivery is perfect for you! Choose bottle sizes ranging from individual disposable 16 oz bottles up to 5 gallon water cooler bottles.

Do prefer to use a reusable bottle? Our water filtration systems are perfect for you! These systems can be connected to a home water source, which will not require any plastic bottle usage. Just hook up your system, and you will be able to fill up whenever you need to.

Own a pool? Check out our pool filling service!

To contact us for more information on our home water delivery service, call us at 216.771.2900.


Office Water Delivery

Distillata is here to serve your company located in Trumbull County. Whether your business is a small entity or a large enterprise, we provide drinking water solutions for every type of company. Employees will appreciate having a safe source of drinking water at their workplace. Not only do we have a variety of water sources, but we also have a variety of water types.

Some of our services we offer for businesses include:

To contact us for more information on our office water delivery, call us at 216.771.2900.



Bottled Water Delivery in Trumbull County

Distillata serves Trumbull County, which include Bristolville 44402, Brookfield 44403, Burghill 44404, Cortland 44410, Farmdale 44417, Fowler 44418, Girard 44420, Hartford 44424, Hubbard 44425, Kinsman 44428, Leavittsburg 44430, Masury 44438, McDonald 44437, Mesopotamia 44439, Mineral Ridge 44440, Newton Falls 44444, Niles 44446, North Bloomfield 44450, Orangeville 44453, Southington 44470, Vienna 44473, Warren 44481, 44482, 44483, 44484, 44485, West Farmington 44491.