Office Drinking Water Fountains

office drinking water fountain repair

Drinking Water Fountain F.A.Q • Request Water Fountain Repair Service Free Initial Cleaning and Inspection

Distillata’s Office Drinking Water Fountain Services 

Office drinking water fountains are a great way to provide employees with access to clean, fresh water (and are often a required facility feature). Distillata is happy to service your office drinking water fountain in the following ways:

Regular Cleansing of Your Drinking Water Fountain

It is essential to keep your office drinking water fountains clean. Keep employees safe and eliminate the threat of contaminants by keeping your fountains clean and sanitized.

Office Water Fountain Inspections

To assure proper operations and increased longevity, your office drinking water fountain should be serviced every six months. Distillata will inspect the water lines, drains, filters and all internal and external parts of the unit to keep your water fountain operating efficiently.

Office Drinking Water Fountain Repair

Distillata performs onsite repairs on all major brands of office drinking water fountains. Our knowledgeable team is trained to address a variety of issues and will have your fountain up and running in no time.

Note: We proudly serve the Northeast Ohio region. Please click on the link above to see if your office is currently located within our delivery area.