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There is increasing importance on ensuring the water you drink is safe. Lead and rust from pipes, chemical pollutants, pollution from landfills, and run-off from fertilizers used in homes and farms make water unsafe. City tap water is treated with chlorine and fluorides to sanitize pollutants.

Many families and companies have found that providing safe, great tasting water is much easier than you think. Whether you prefer bottled water delivery, water coolers, or water filtration systems, with Distillata you can have a source of drinking water right at your fingertips, hassle-free. For more information, browse our selection of products and services below.





From bottled water coolers to water softener salt to water filtration systems and everything in between- we have it all. Our on staff professionals will assist you in making the right decision to satisfy all of your water needs. If you are not finding what you are looking for please contact us or:

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