Rock Salt Delivery for Homes

Distillata offers rock salt delivery to homes across the Northeast Ohio area. The best time to purchase your supply is before winter hits and demand is high. This is when big box stores can get away with selling low quality products at high prices. Don’t wait. Sign up for Distillata’s rock salt delivery for homes today!

Why use rock salt on Sidewalks & Driveways?

Ice on sidewalks and driveways can cause a variety of problems, from slips and falls to stuck cars. To prevent wasted time or injury it is important to de-ice the surfaces around your home.

The rock salt use on roads is essentially the same as salt that is used at your dinner table. The difference is table salt is much finer than salt used on sidewalks driveways.

How to use rock salt?

  1. Try to remove as much snow and ice as possible from your sidewalks and driveway. By adding the salt directly to ice allows you to use less salt
  2. Use a salt spreader to assure an even, thin layer. You can spread the rock salt by hand but be sure to use a cup and wear a glove to protect your skin. You can even use a broom to easily spread the salt

How much salt do I need?

We recommend using 4 pounds of salt for every 100 square feet. For an 800 square foot driveway you will need 32 pounds of salt. This is roughly one bag (most bags are 40 pounds).

Where should I store my rock salt?

  • Keep Rock Salt in sealed containers
  • Keep rock salt somewhere dry, like a garage or shed and preferably off the floor

If you are unable to find a suitable place to store your extra rock salt, you can have it delivered on a regular schedule.

Place Your Order

Contact Distillata and order your supply of calcium chloride ice melting rock salt. You can arrange a set schedule for home delivery, or simply contact us on an as-needed basis and we’ll replenish your supply. Do what you can to protect you and your family against the lake effect snow, frigid temperatures and icy conditions we’re are all too familiar with. Click here to order Distillata rock salt delivery for your home, or call 800.999.2906.

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