Home Water Softener Salt Delivery

hard water softener salt delivery

Research suggests that around 85 percent of American homes use a hard water supply. At Distillata, we know that maintaining proper water softener salt levels is an essential component in keeping your water softener systems running properly. Water conditioning has many benefits:

  • Faster water heating. Enjoy the convenience of hot water, faster!
  • Easier cleaning. Water softener units are easier to clean as a result of reduced soap scum and less mineral buildup in your home appliances.
  • An overall cleaner plumbing system. Less mineral deposits mean an overall cleaner plumbing system.



Order Water Softener Salt

Set up water softener salt delivery for your home today! Most units will require a refill every four to six weeks. The Distillata team will keep track of your schedule and will inspect your home water conditioner unit for any potential issues each time they visit—free of charge.


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Note: We proudly serve the Northeast Ohio region. Please click on the link above to see if your office is currently located within our delivery area.