Rock Salt and Water Softener Salt Delivery for Businesses

Distillata does more than fulfill all of your water and coffee delivery needs, we also supply two types of salt for various water softening and safety purposes. Whether you need to refresh your water softening system or want to keep your friends, family and or employees safe during those icy Cleveland winters, salt delivery information is right around the corner. Want to order bulk salt? We do that too! First, please choose an option:

Water Softener Salt Delivery for Your Office

Salt is used in the cleaning process of a water softener system. It resets the resin so the ion exchange from hard to soft water can continue.

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Rock Salt and Ice Melt Delivery for Businesses

If you live in Northeast Ohio, you know that weather can be unpredictable during the year. Distillata is local to the Cleveland area, so we will always be keeping up with the rock salt delivery needs of your business! Keep your friends, family and employees safe this winter with our rock salt delivery service. No more lugging heavy bags around!

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