SIP-2000 Ozone Sanitizer



The SiP water sanitizing unit offers an all natural way to keep your filter sanitized and your drinking water as fresh as possible. SiP uses all natural ozone to eliminate bacteria, biofilm, algae, mold and viruses.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a natural element that occurs when oxygen is converted to activated ozone. Ozone is completely safe and in our environment every day. In fact ozone is our number one choice for sanitizing bottled water and it has been used in the industry for over a century. Plus, it works like UV but even better!

SiP technology saves you cleaning time and ensures the longevity of your cooler (on top of keeping it germ free). Sanitization occurs everyday automatically with no effort on your part. Since SiP only runs for a few minutes a day the energy use is minimal, saving you money!

The SiP unit is easy to install and comes with everything you need to get started. Our trained technicians will gladly take care of the initial installation upon request and walk you through future use.



For more information please take a look at these helpful pdf’s:

SiP Ozone Sanitation Benefits

All About SiP Ozone Sanitation

SiP Sanitation can be purchased for $100.00 with free delivery and installation.


Our lead water filtration expert is Adam Schroeder, please feel free to contact him via email- [email protected] or call him directly at (800)999-2906 ext 224 to place an order or learn more.

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