Water Filtration Systems

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city iceBenefits of Office Water Dispensers

Water Filtration Systems remove debris and toxins from your drinking water. We offer a variety of water types, based on your preferences.

A water filtration system for your office offers employees many benefits. Did you know that the availability of fresh, purified water actually enhances employee performance? Staying hydrated helps keep people energized and raises metabolisms, and can even increase brain activity!

Employees that have filtered drinking water that is easily accessible to them, are more likely to choose water rather than getting a pop, which can lead to a sugar crash and farther health issues. It is less expensive to run a water filtration system in the workplace, rather than a vending machine, that will provided employees with fresh hot and cold drinking water when they need it Plus, using refillable water bottles helps reduce company waste. No longer will your trashcans or recycling bins be full of plastic bottles or cans on a daily basis!


Our Water Filtration Systems

Whether you are considering a water filtration system for your office or home, Distillata has a variety of units sure to meet your needs. Our systems are available for rent or purchase and will provide a great alternative to bottled water. Please take a moment to review our available water filtration units to find the system that is right for you:


                                                                       *Aquabar 2 Deluxe                 *Aquabar 2                 Atlantis                         Onyx                       Under Sink Unit

                                                                  pou     Atlantis POU water filter            Onyx-counter-top-cooler1           under sink water filtration


                                                                            printerspec sheet                     printerspec sheet            printerspec sheet              printerspec sheet

4 gallon water reservoir                                                   x                                     x                                                                                                  n/a↓
2 gallons of 50 degree cold water per hour                     x                                    x                                1.4gal
2 gallons of piping hot water per hour                             x                                     x                                x
Digital clock                                                                     x
Ultraviolet monitor kills bacteria                                       x
Filter life monitor                                                              x
Leak detection system                                                    x
Optional pedastal raises unit 6.5 inches                         x                                        x
Night setback energy saver                                            x                                         x
Warranty included                                                           x                                        x                               x                          x
5 star energy rated                                                                                                                                     x

*Aquabar 2 and Aquabar 2 Deluxe models are available with a reverse osmosis option.


Our lead water filtration expert is Adam Schroeder, please feel free to contact him via email- [email protected] or call him directly at (800)999-2906 ext 224.