Water Fountain Fill Stations

Water fountain fill stations for schools

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Clean, healthy water for all with a powerful environmental impact and ease of accessibility!

Schools, airports, and corporations are adopting the latest in hydration technology, and for good reason, water bottle fill stations/ hydration stations are:

  • Germ-free! The hands-free feature of bottle fill stations eliminates the passing of germs among students, coworkers, and visitors.
  • Waste-free! Having easy access to a free, high-quality water source eliminates the need to resort to water in disposable plastic bottles.
  • Sugar-free! Often the only hydration option is a vending machine full of sugar filled, high-calorie sodas and juices, even in our schools. Water fill stations offer a healthier alternative. Also, with more accessibility users are bound to visit and drink more often.
  • Chlorine and lead-free! Contaminates, particulates and odors are removed with high-performance filters that leave a crisp, clean water source.

Water fountain fill station

Fill stations can be retrofitted to most existing water fountains including Oasis, Halsey Taylor, and Elkay or a combo installation including a new water fountain and fill station is available. Installation is easy and our models include energy-saving features and LED lighting.

Join the revolution and provide a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly water source for your visitors.

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